Professional and Flexible Testing

Using DLPO you can freely test the performance of all your webpages; for example your landingpage(s), top page, product page(s), inquiry form or other pages. In most cases all you need to do is to register your test creatives in the console, even for webpages with complex designs.
In case you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, our support team is always ready to assist you.

DLPO - A/B Test & Multivariate Test

Two types of testing methods are available

  • A/B Test
  • Multivariate Test

"A/B testing" is a test method in particular suitable for testing webpages, designs or concepts that are largely different from each other. Using A/B Testing you measure what page that brings the best performance in terms of user engagement or number of conversions.
On the other hand, "Multivariate testing" is a test method suitable for measuring the performance of various elements (copy, product images, product description, etc.) of a webpage. Using multivariate testing you measure what type of element that contribute positively to user engagment or number of conversions from the test page.

A/B Test

By performing A/B tests on two or more pages you will be able to confirm, with high statistical significance, which page that generate the highest number of user engagements and/or conversions.

(Example) A/B test in a case where landingpage is visited by 2,000 persons
  • Out of 2,000 visitors, half (1,000 persons) are shown webpage A, the other half (1,000 persons) are shown webpage B. One measures which version (A or B) that contributes to the largest number of purchases.
  • In the case of webpage A, 20 out of 1,000 people clicked on the BUY button to make a purchase (CVR=2.0%), In the case of webpage B, 50 out of 1,000 people clicked on the BUY button to make a purchase. (CVR=5.0)
  • From this A/B test we now know that Page B is the No.1 performing page and we therefore adopt webpage B as our new default webpage.

"A/B testing" is a test method in particular suitable for testing webpages, designs or concepts that are largely different from each other. Using A/B Testing you measure what page bring the best performance in terms of user engagement or number of conversions.

Multivariate Testing

Using multivariate testing, you can expect to improve web user engagement and conversion performance. From multivariate testing, you can also gain valuable marketing insights to be used not only for your digital marketing activities but also for your overall marketing activities.

A/B testing allows you to identify which webpage that delivers the best performance but it may sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason to why the winning page is performing better than the other page(s).
Multivariate testing, on the other hand, allows you to get a clear understanding of why a certain page pattern performs better than others. Multivariate testing provides you with valuable marketing insights such as "Which copy, product image, product description etc" that is contributing the most in terms of performance. (website user engagement or number of conversions)

Gain valuable "Marketing Insights"

By testing various webpage elements such as copy, product description, service image etc, you can acquire valuable marketing insights that can be used for all your marketing activities.

Fast and Automatic Winning Page Discovery

From the interim results of the test, webpages which, with statistical significance, are judged not to have chance of winning, are automatically discontinued. By automatically discontinuing low performance webpages, allows you to discover the winning page faster than otherwise and you can also expect faster improvements in user engagement and number of conversions even while the test is running.

Segment Based Results > Further Improvements of Performance

Using DLPO, you can not only confirm the overall performance results for all users but you can also confirm the performance results for different user segments.
There are many cases where the performance results differs between users in general and a specific user segment. By discovering the winning page for each segment, you can look forward to further performance improvements. (increased user engagment and/or conversions)

Segment Based Results
  • The conversion rate of page A is higher than page B in the overall test results.
  • However, for specific segments such as "Time of Day" or "Geography" the result is the opposite; the conversion rate of page B is higher than for page A.
  • In this example, page A is displayed to general users while page B is displayed during evening hours and to people living in large cities. The result is a further improvement of the CVR (conversion rate) of the page.
CVR Improvements

DLPO - A CRO Tool for True Professional Marketers

DLPO provides a wide variety of test and personalization functions that enables the professional marketer of today to realize all test or personalization ideas that he or she may have.
Using the DLPO console, marketers can, seamlessly and without stress, register new test or personalization campaigns, confirm results from already running campaigns, generate reports and others. Useful and time-saving functions such as bulk registration of creatives, change history and e-mail notifications are also available.
On our support website you can find a wealth of test creative examples which may provide you with new ideas for testing/personalization.

Multi-Functional and Easy-to-Use Console

  • Full Reporting Functions

    Full Reporting Functions

    Test results displayed in the console can easily be copied and pasted onto presentation materials such as PowerPoint. Reports can also be downloaded in formats such as Excel, CSV or PDF.

  • OneTag Implementation

    OneTag Implementation

    ll that is needed is to embed a tag (OneTag) into the source code of the test webpage and you can then proceed to register the test creatives in the console without the need for any extra hassle.

  • Multi-Device Compatible

    Multi-Device Compatible

    PC / Tablet / Smartphone
    Testing possible for various types of devices.

  • Multiple Conversion Tracking

    Multiple Conversion Tracking

    In DLPO you can set up and track multiple types of conversions and measure how far down users scroll down the test page as well as number of action button clicks.

  • Control of Test Traffic Volume

    Control of Test Traffic Volume

    Using DLPO you can control the volume of traffic to the test page(s).
    This allows you to control the risk of adverse overall performance during the period when the test is running.

  • Testing of Dynamic Webpages

    Testing of Dynamic Webpages

    URI Matching allows you to bundle together dynamic pages for testing and personalization.

  • Cross Testing of Multiple Webpages

    Cross Testing of Multiple Webpages

    Using DLPO you can test the performance of identical creative elements located on different webpages.