About DLPO

DLPO - Webpages Optimized for Each Individual User

DLPO provides full personalization and testing functions in order to generate fully optimized webpages adjusted to the wants and needs of each individual visitor. Optimized webpages result in improved website user engagement as well as an uplift in the number of conversions (inquiries, purchases etc) from the site.
Marketers can also look forward to gain valuable marketing insights which can be applied on both digital and offline marketing activities.

DLPO - The No.1 CRO Tool in Japan

DLPO launched in 2005 as the first CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tool available in Japan.
DLPO has, so far, been introduced by over 700 middle to large size corporations and the sales of DLPO has been ranked No.1 for 4 consecutive years.

* According to surveys conducted by MIC Research Institute and ITR Corporation (Years 2011 - 2014) (No data is available after year 2014)

Implemented in over 800 Corporations

Below you find a list of some of our partner agencies:

  • Dentsu Isobar Inc.
  • Dentsu Digital Inc.
  • Crossfinity Inc.
  • CyberAgent, Inc.
  • Digital Garage, Inc.
  • GMO NIKKO Inc.
  • OPT, Inc.
  • IREP Co., Ltd.
  • Members Co.,Ltd.
  • transcosmos inc.

Features of DLPO

DLPO interfaces with multiple digital marketing platforms

DLPO interfaces with multiple marketing platforms such as DMPs, Web Analytics or Tag Management Tools.
By utilizing 3rd party data or 1st party data , DLPO can be used for highly personalized webpages, tailored to the characteristics of each, individual user.

Reliable and Friendly Customer Support

A large number of test/personalization webpage samples also available.

Our Customer Support provides you with reliable and professional assistance in order to help you with all questions you may have regarding campaign set up, reporting or others.

DLPO Functions

Personalization (Targeting)

Displaying webpages tailored to each user in most cases result in improved user engagement and higher conversion rates.

Various types of personalization conditions can be set up in DLPO.
By taking full advantage of all the personalization opportunities that DLPO has to offer, you can expect not only to improve the performance of one single webpage but to improve the performance of the website as a whole.

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Testing - A/B Testing / Multivariate Testing

  • A/B Test
  • Multivariate Test

DUsing DLPO, you can easily test the performance of all your webpages; for example your landing page(s), top page, inquiry form or other pages.
DLPO provides two types of test methods:
1) A/B Testing, where you can test the performance of various versions of the same web page and
2) Multivariate Testing, where you can test the performance of various elements (copy, product images, buttons etc) within a certain webpage.
Using these two types of testing methods you can, in a scientific manner, test and personalize webpages in order to improve user engagement and gain more conversions from your website. As an additional bonus you can also gain marketing insights that may be useful not only for your digital but also for your overall marketing activities.

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